3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

The expertise and know-how to deliver

3D laser verification is the process of 3 dimensional mapping of a product’s shape to verify physical specifications before a commitment to prototyping or production. Professionally operated 3D scanning is particularly valuable to clients wishing to establish accurate specifications for the purposes of reverse engineering, reproduction, or the repair of damaged, incomplete or rare items.


Reverse Engineering

 If you don’t have a specification drawing but do have a part which you want reproduced, we have the experience and equipment to complete the job.


  • Workshop

    The Protonautics workshop operates within an integrated and quality controlled workflow. This means your project status details are readily available when you want them and your planning can be streamlined with ease.

  • Production

    Protonautics can cater for medium to moderate production runs and conducts business globally. Our reliability and workmanship is powerful credibility. Contact us for expert advise on your projects.

  • Pricing policy

    Protonautics offers a full research and quote system which can include machine times, hourly workshop and operator costs, materials and all other inclusions. Our pricing is transparent and competitive.